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For More background on Geoffrey, CV and work history.

Geoffrey Graham "
There was movement at the station... "
Born on a sheep farm in Armidale and raised on good Robertson spud country, Geoffrey Graham has had a variety of occupations.

These included work in abattoirs, a job as research station assistant, farm work, involving everything from shearing to teaching city kids to ride horses. After completing an Agricultural Economics degree at the University of New England and a Dip Ed, Geoffrey lectured in Farm Management at Yanco for 5 years.

While lecturing he became involved with producing revues and playing in Rock n' Roll bands. In fact this eventually changed his career path; acting and entertaining soon became his passion.

Graduating from The Victorian College of the Arts, Geoffrey went on to acting in television and film, and continued a long marriage with live entertainment. Acting credits include roles in the Anzacs, Far Country, Carsons law, Special Squad and Neighbours. However live entertainment has dominated his career from School productions to standup comedy, festivals, compering and motivational talks.

Beginning with University Revues, Geoffrey moved to Rock n' Roll bands, theatre, maturing finally with a strong style of what he calls 'Dinkum Oz Entertainment.'

From the Back O' Bourke to Dinkum Oz
Geoffrey was a resident performer for several years at the notorious Back O' Bourke restaurant in Melbourne during the 80's. The 'gang' was made up of Monk the cook, the Boss on Bass, Kevin Harrington and numerous visiting artists from Elliot Goblet to Vince Sorrenti, the Cabbage Brothers, Martin Ralph, Harry Houdidn't and many others.

In 1987 Geoffrey took over the famous 'Smackas' Entertainment Restaurant in North Melbourne renaming it Chetwynds initially then Dinkum Oz. His entertainment restaurant saw many famous names on stage and catered for people who had a penchant for Dinkum service, and real entertainment with an Aussie feel.

And.. to the back of Bendigo
In the early 90's Geoffrey left Melbourne to return to the bush, living near the small Victorian town of Bealiba and continued with entertaining as a full time occupation with performances in Schools and the corporate sector. Since then Geoffrey has been performed his special blend of Dinkum Oz Entertainment all over Australia, and overseas. Performing for Theatre companies, corporate functions, Arts Councils and Schools as well as a host of venues for all ages of fun loving Australians.
His performances include singing, guitar and a host of other "bush" instruments, comedy, yarnspinning, bush poetry, and whipcracking.

Since he was quite young, Geoffrey had a strong desire to one day perform a one man Banjo Paterson show. When the Waltzing Matilda centenary was staged in Wilton, Queensland in 1995, he saw the opportunity to fulfil this dream. The dream became not only a reality but an outstanding success.

Now trained in the "University of life," Geoffrey spends his time constantly touring his 'Banjo' show 'The Man from Ironbark' as well as other numerous shows. When he is not touring Geoffrey now lives in Eaglehawk, Victoria with his wife Rose and three young nippers.

The Man from Ironbark
Geoffrey has had a lifetime affair with the poems of traditional Australian poets but the works of 'Banjo' hold a special place.

His show 'The Man from Ironbark' presents comedy, intrigue, verse, songs, drama, conflict, audience repartee, and entertainment.......all in the one performance.

When asked about the origins of this partnership with "Banjo" Geoffrey replied: "It started when I was quite young with life on the farm and being part of a large family. My father would recite poem after poem around the dinning room table, while we listened in awe. These poems, from the great masters, meant a lot more to us as kids than nursery rhymes and Winnie the Pooh. And Dad could still recite 'Banjo' till we lost him at the age of 88. By day we'd chase cattle through the scrub, and by night we'd listen to yarns and verse.. Living in the bush these stories were real. It was living heritage."

More background on Geoffrey, CV and work history.


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