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Dinkum Oz Entertainment, Australia, for shows by Geoffrey Graham - The Man from Ironbark and many others. Bush Poetry, comedy, compering... (formerly


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Voices of War - An ANZAC Story
Geoffrey launched his performance Voices of War in Tamworth in January 2015 and now is set to stage the show wherever his touring wings take him.

He has presented many times since including at the
National Folk Festival in Canberra.

"Just an amazing production! Every emotion, absorbing info, entrancing performer, just want to see it again"

For two hours you’ll be taken on a journey from Australia to the devastation of Lone Pine, the wastelands of France and the Charge of Beersheba -
experience it all.
You’ll be entranced with insights into the extraordinary events of 100 years ago.

You will experience some of the emotions of those in World War I – through verse, music, comedy and drama. But most of all you will connect.

‘Hear the rifle fire, feel the pain of the soldiers, the anguish of loved ones, the smell of gum leaves, the red glow of poppies and taste the bully beef”

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Geoffrey W Graham
"Dinkum Oz Entertainment!"

This year has kicked off to a great start with Geoffrey’s new production titled: Voices of War: An ANZAC Story. Geoffrey performed 10 shows at Tamworth for the 2015 country music Festival. This has set the scene for the touring this year of both the adult version and the school version of Voices of War.

Geoffrey will still be performing other shows across Australia with short and long tours. These will include visits to Port Fairy, Bourke, Winton, Corryong, Port Macquarie, Gilgandra, Benalla and many other towns. If you are interested in Geoffrey perform your town drop me a line.

Who is Geoffrey Graham?
A unique Australiana performer.

What does he do?
He creates a package of Dinkum Entertainment by combining comedy, bush poetry, and music, as well as a swag of genuine Australian things including whipcracking.

Why Dinkum Oz
'Fair dinkum' is an Australian sayin
g meaning 'the real thing' the 'genuine article' and 'straight' as in 'no bull'.

So Dinkum Oz Entertainment describes a stable of unpretentious performances that are well researched, smoothly executed and come at you "straight from the heart." Performances crafted to suit festivals, schools and corporate events.


Geoffrey on the tube!

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Geoffrey Graham's unique style of entertainment includes comedy, bush poetry, music, whipcracking and all things genuinely Australian.
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