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humping the bluey

Geoffrey W Graham presents,
Humping the Bluey

Humping the Bluey is a delightful look at the life of the Australian swagman, incorporating yarns and songs. Discover what the old time swaggy carried in his swag; how he survived in the bush, the depression; his travels, his shearing, his exploits and .. even his whipcracking!

For schools, it is a valuable historic performance and explains much about our heritage, Waltzing Matilda, social issues and our use of idiom.

The show encompasses audience involvement and combines education and entertainment with heaps of fun.

The New South Wales Department of Education and Training has a section called Perfomances for Schools.
This Unit oversees performances in NSW schools and authorises those shows that meet the standard set by the Unit.

"Bluey," has been authorised for many years. Quoting the Unit's publication:

Geoffrey Graham presents a highly entertaining and authentic show based on the life of the Australian swagman, incorporating a collection of songs, bush poetry and tall stories. He explores themes of mateship, self esteem, the environment and social issues, emphasising the Australian Swagman and in particular Waltzing Matilda.

One of the characters from Humping the Bluey - "Bill Baloney"

Extensive teachers notes and workshops in Drama, Australian Studies and Self Esteem are also available.

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