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100 Not Out---Are we there yet?
100 Not Out builds on the events occurring after Federation and continues on from where Hard Luck leaves off. Australia entered into a time of uncertainty, strife and hope for a better future. And the question arises –
Are we there yet?       

dfsdThe twentieth century saw fluctuations and unrest coupled with the buoyancy of a rich and lucky country. Australia was drawn into global struggles of wars and depression. From a staunch White Australia Policy she moved to a more compassionate stance coupled with a need for a larger labour source to develop Australia into a modern nation.

Geoffrey highlights the influence of migrants on nationalistic pride and the building of our infrastructure. EG: The Snowy mountain scheme. He draws attention to the homesickness experienced by new immigrants and multi-cultural issues.
Again the subtext of Are we there yet? 

He looks at: the contributions made by pioneers and legends, the changing roles of women in our developing nation, the ingredients which make up our Aussie culture and our pre-occupation with sport. Through the concept of multiculturalism Geoffrey questions whether we have come together as a nation yet?

A highlight of the show is Geoffrey’s version of the national anthem which delights students and teachers alike.

The performance is designed to be entertaining and educational through the use of song, verse, drama and comedy. Geoffrey combines original and traditional verse and songs and adjusts the material according to the age of the students. Student participation is also encouraged.

The intention of the show is to inspire the students to increase their knowledge and awareness of our heritage and multiculturalism.


Target years:  Yrs 2 to 10 SOSE, HSIE, History and drama
Outcome: History with theatre and fun, an historical perspective to aid with understanding cultural differences.



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