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Teachers asked Geoffrey to come up with a show about Poetry to convince kids that poetry isn’t boring! Geoffrey changes this preconceived notion for good.

The result was a fascinating one-hour journey through the nature of verse: its content, form, style, and emotional effects. Let’s face it; we’re surrounded by rhyme from nursery rhymes and TV ads to rap.performing

 The content depends on the age of students (K to year 12), but a selection may include verse from ‘Banjo’ Paterson, Lawson, CJ Dennis, John O’Brien, Spike Milligan, Shakespeare et al and items of his own.

It may include nursery rhymes, sonnets, limericks, bush poetry, a range of musical styles and even rap. Requests considered!

This is verse that is sometimes serious, often silly or humorous, stuff to make you laugh or make you cry. The beauty of verse is that whether it is traditional or contemporary, rhyming or blank, it is all fascinating.
A highlight of the show is Geoffrey’s rap, and his language of ‘Alfa Dalfa’.

The differing styles from ‘Banjo’ Paterson to Slessor show students that poetry is accessible to everyone. The show can lead onto workshops in which students can write their own verse, on a variety of subjects; EG dogs, adventures, skateboarding, the war, a pushbike accident, running away from home or refugees.

For senior students performances can emphasize Stages 4 & 5 and touch on poetic devices such as assonance, alliteration etc.

Workshops available:  For smaller groups, Geoffrey can run performance skill/writing workshops where students can participate without pressure.

  Target years: K-12 English, Drama
  Outcome: An understanding, respect and joy for rhyme in our society.


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